From the front-lines

Dear Friends,

Since early October, I have been traveling in Turkey, Romania and Serbia with our new organization Global Rights for Women.  Our mission is singularly focused on an issue that we believe is among the most urgent of our time – to achieve reform of law and policy that truly protects women’s human right to be free from violence. 

As I traveled, I have heard women’s stories of unspeakable horror and also ones of great hope – like this one from a woman in Turkey where a new law went into effect in 2012, 

My husband abused me for many years.   He broke my jaw and once he waited for me at my apartment and when I came in to the building, he stabbed me again and again.   I have many scars.  He always went free. The police were always trying to make us reconcile.   But the new law says they are forbidden to do that.  In fact, they will be punished if they do.  Before the new law I had nothing.  I just had to run from him.  Now he has been arrested and just last week I learned he will be in jail for a long time.  I am so happy.  I feel safe.

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