Watching New Laws on Violence Against Women Globally: Does Electronic Monitoring Work?

img_1062This week Global Rights for Women is in Ankara, Turkey working with the government to monitor the use of an electronic monitoring system that is intended to ensure the safety of domestic violence victims.   Turkey included a bold provision allowing such electronic monitoring in their 2012 domestic violence law.

Global Rights for Women makes it a top priority to assess how new laws on violence against women are truly working in the daily lives of women. Are they keeping women safe? Are they holding violent abusers accountable?

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What Phylicia Rashad’s defense of Bill Cosby says about why rape victims don’t report.

Phylicia Rashad, the actor who portrayed Bill Cosby’s lawyer-wife on the Cosby show, recently defended him against the growing number of accusations of sexual assault. Rashad says that the women’s accusations should be discounted because they are destroying Cosby’s legacy. In declaring that “this is not about the women,” she unwittingly demonstrates the reasons why rape victims are reluctant to report their assaults. This insightful article explains why:

Why don’t we believe rape victims? Because of people like Phylicia Rashad