From Private to Public: The Impact of Domestic Violence in the Workplace

This post is part of an ongoing series on the intersection of law and how it interacts with violence against women, illuminating how it is equally critical to make effective implementation of law, as well as the legislation itself, a priority. For background and the inspiration of this series, start here.

It is well established that domestic violence disproportionately impacts women.  It is also well established that economic independence and stability are crucial for women to escape an abusive relationship.  What is less obvious, however, is the impact domestic violence has on women’s employment.

When women deal with the consequences of domestic violence, they have to miss work to do so.  Women must take time off from work to obtain an order for protection, engage in safety planning, seek medical attention, obtain counseling services, secure legal assistance, find childcare and/or relocate.  For many victims, leaving an abusive relationship means completely starting over—a time consuming and financially burdensome task.

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