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Global Rights for Women is excited to announce the publication of Time for a Change: The Need for a Binding International Treaty on Violence Against Women.  We are proud to contribute this in-depth analysis to the important conversation taking place around the world about how international law can be strengthened to protect women and girls from violence.

You can read the publication here!

Global Rights for Women will be launching Time for a Change at a panel discussion on November 28th. To learn more about this event, click here.

Georgia Risk Assessment for Domestic Abuse (GRADA) to be Implemented in Fall of 2018

Partners and participants at Global Rights for Women’s November 2017 GRADA training in Georgia.

By Melissa Scaia, Global Rights for Women Director of International Training

On July 13, 2018 police authorities in the Republic of Georgia made a milestone policy shift in the police response to domestic violence. Global Rights for Women worked with the Georgia Ministry of Internal Affairs and the United Nations to make this transformative change.  Now, all police officers in Georgia will evaluate risks for lethality and re-abuse by domestic violence offenders in order to identify and protect victims…

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Sessions’ immigration decision on domestic violence threatens women’s lives

Published in MinnPost online newspaper on June 21st, 2018

By Cheryl Thomas, Melissa Scaia, and Helen Rubenstein

The high bar set by Attorney General Jeff Sessions for victims of crime to qualify for asylum protection means that many women will be shut out and, as a result, many women will die.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions dealt a deadly blow to women across the world on June 11. By denying victims of domestic violence the possibility of asylum in the United States, he eliminated a last hope of escaping brutality and even death at the hands of their intimate partners. In a continuation of this administration’s harsh policies toward women, refugees and migrants, domestic violence victims now join young children torn from their families, victims of gang violence, and others who are being denied basic humanitarian assistance in escaping persecution in their home countries.

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Protests Over Istanbul Convention Occur Despite Treaty’s Stance Against Gender Based Violence

Parliament building, Slovakia

This week, Croatia joined a growing list of European countries who have recently backed away from ratifying the Istanbul Convention.  The Istanbul Convention is a Council of Europe convention which sets comprehensive minimum standards for state responses to violence against women and girls.  Pushback against the treaty is a concerning trend and a pronounced example of the backlash currently facing women’s rights movements.

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