Born and raised in Apple Valley, Erin Maye Quade has deep roots in her community and is uniquely qualified to bring our values to the legislature. Before being elected as state representative, Erin worked in both the public and private sector to help families achieve economic security and get ahead. As a State Representative, Erin is fighting for productive policy change driven by people, not partisan interests.

Erin believes Minnesotans should be able to work, provide for their families and get ahead at the same time. Too many of us are working full time, caring for children or aging family members — sometimes even both — and are still struggling to make ends meet. That’s why she is fighting for things like paid family leave; expanding access to affordable child care; reducing college costs; alleviating crushing student debt and investing in treatment for mental health and substance abuse issues. As a product of Eastview and Apple Valley public schools, Erin knows just how important our local schools are to the foundation of our thriving communities.

Erin and her wife, Alyse, met while working for Congressman Ellison and Senator Franken, respectively. They enjoy biking, standup comedy, and cooking with the vegetables in their Pahl’s Market CSA box. The Maye Quades live in Apple Valley’s Central Village with their dog, Sota.