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Ending gender-based violence against women and girls.

Our Mission

Global Rights for Women works with leaders around the world to advance women and girls’ human right to live free from violence through legal reform and institutional and social change.

At least 1 in 3 women in the world are victims of domestic and sexual assault.

WHO, Violence against women prevalence estimates, 2018.

advocating for a New Optional

Protocol to CEDAW

Remedy to End GBV

Discussion and efforts towards a new optional protocol to CEDAW specific to addressing gender-based violence around the world are important to bring legally binding obligations on states. An optional protocol is an additional international legal instrument that member countries to the original treaty have the option to adopt.

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Global Rights for Women Ten Year Anniversary

Global Impact

Ten years in, Global Rights for Women is driving change to improve the lives and ensure the safety of 100 million women and girls around the world. This video demonstrates how your support over the past decade provides tools, resources, and training to legal professionals, advocates and people in communities working to address the root causes of violence against women.

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Women’s Bodies as Targets for Aggression:  Statement on Gender-Based Violence in Israel-Hamas War

In the News

Global Rights for Women demands an end to patriarchal supremacy that perpetuates conflict and inequality through violent aggression and war. The women of the world, all of them, need all of us to continue to advocate for global change that recognizes the human right to live free from violence. 

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Part II: Navigating International Legal Challengesof Filipinos Seeking Divorce Abroad, International and Progress in Domestic Legal Reform

Systems Advocacy

Legal provisions allowing for divorce are important for married survivors of domestic violence in their attempts to get out of a relationship with their abusers. Unfortunately, there are some countries around the world that do not extend this right to women.

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Anita Hill, Professor, Attorney, Survivor

The work that Global Rights for Women is doing is indispensable. Joining with Global Rights for Women is a way that each of us can be the change that we are waiting for, what the world needs, and that women deserve. Thank you.

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