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Ending gender-based violence against women and girls.

At least 1 in 3 women in the world are victims of domestic and sexual assault.

WHO, Violence against women prevalence estimates, 2018.

An Institutional Analysis of the MPD

Response to Domestic Violence

MPD Report

Our latest report identifies seven specific gaps in the Minneapolis Police response to domestic violence calls, and includes recommendations for how to close these gaps. As part of the workgroup that produced this report, Global Rights for Women and Minneapolis advocacy organizations, including Cornerstone, Domestic Abuse Project, and Tubman, have offered to work with the MPD to create a work plan to ensure the implementation of the recommendations.
The process coordinated by GRW was developed by Praxis International in St. Paul, MN.  The approach of the Minneapolis Domestic Violence Working group was developed based on the Duluth Model and their work on Coordinated Community Responses (CCRs). This approach engages justice system practitioners, domestic violence advocacy providers, and the community members affected by the system’s response in the analysis.

September 28, 5:00-7:00, Weisman Art Museum, Minneapolis

Annual Fundraising Event

Singer and radio host Jearlyn Steele will be our emcee, introducing a fantastic lineup of speakers, including the 19th Poet Laureate of the United States, Natasha Trethewey, author of Memorial Drive, a memoir of gender-based violence. We are also honored to introduce two of our local and international partners Amirthini Keefe from the Domestic Abuse Project in Minneapolis, and forensic psychologist Eleni Fotou from Via-STOP Greece. Music will be performed by vocalists Diane Davis and Timothy Thomas, musician Shahin Lahooti and pianist Mary Louise Knutson.

 We would be delighted to host you in person, or you can attend virtually with attendees from around the world. Every ticket sold and every gift goes toward improved safety and support for survivors and those at risk of violence.

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combating the Invisible Crime:  Trafficking

In the News

The underlying causes of sex trafficking, like systemic poverty, domestic violence and the stigmatization of marginalized groups, are being ignored in prevention efforts.

Vietnam Project Report Featured Image

Advocates Addressing Gender-Based Violence in the Philippines

Systems Advocacy

GRW travelled to Manila for our first in-person session with advocates on how to identify gaps between what survivors need and what institutions and systems provide, and to understand the forces that shape the everyday challenges faced by police, healthcare and legal institutions.

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Anita Hill, Professor, Attorney, Survivor

The work that Global Rights for Women is doing is indispensable. Joining with Global Rights for Women is a way that each of us can be the change that we are waiting for, what the world needs, and that women deserve. Thank you.

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