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Listening to Survivors

Nonviolence Programs

Legal and Policy Reform

Training and Education

Take the next step in helping women and girls live free from gender-based violence.

Your support has impact.


Your donation of $1,000 provides the technology for a violent offender to attend a long-term nonviolence program so that they can change their behavior and receive accountability for their actions.


$500 covers the staff time to inform the national action plan on gender-based violence, so that women can access the legal system and hold violent offenders accountable.


$250 would help ensure that women can reach safety when it’s needed most through Global Rights for Women’s law enforcement training on survivor-centered response.


Your donation of $50 would compensate one woman to attend a focus group and be heard by the legal system.

Every day, Anna lives in fear of her partner abusing her or her child, and there’s no accountability or penalty for his actions.
Across the world, there are 600 million more women just like Anna who live in a country where domestic violence is not considered a crime, and where there is nowhere for survivors to go to access support.

Your donation to Global Rights for Women ensures that women like Anna can live in a world free from gender-based violence.

Since 2014, we have impacted more than 65 million women with improved laws, policies and practices, and we will continue our work until all women are provided the human right to live free from gender-based violence.

This work would not be possible without your support and that of our trusted partners. Together, we have advanced laws, values and practices aimed at eliminating violence against women and girls.

Global Rights for Women is a nonprofit 501(3)(C) organization EIN/Tax ID #47-1861069.