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Main do's and dont's of talking to women online in 2021-2022

Texting women is not the easiest task because these days, multiple new rules apply. Things like orbiting, ghosting, and machismo are presented as the new trend of online dont's. How do you succeed in online dating while remaining fun and entertaining? How to avoid uncomfortable topics and where is the middle ground? Together with a Ukrainian dating site, we collected the best dos and don'ts in online dating.

DO: ask permission before sending private parts/passionate messages

DON’T: send unsolicited content

Consent is the new best dating rule. While you think that asking her permission might spoil the present, most women are assured that it has nothing to do with mysteriousness. Modern girls strive for consent and ecological texting when no one receives unsolicited pictures. Before bombarding the girl with private parts and explicit stories, make sure both of you are comfortable with each other or at least stay on a friendly level.

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DO: think out your intro

DON’T: start with emojis

Ah, emojis, the modern blessing, and a curse. What’s so bad about these tiny pictures is that they can be interpreted in multiple ways while sometimes they carry no meaning. When you start with a fire emoji or a wink together with an eggplant, your interlocutor might be puzzled and confused, having no answer. Remember that human communication is still a 2022 trend regardless of novelties. When you think over the icebreaker, this tactic gives you more chances to express yourself and be understood correctly.

DO: find common topics

DON’T: rely on memes too much

Because in 2022, everyone understands Internet humor, many singles have the leverage of expressing their intentions with TikToks and Instagram posts. The only IF might be the fact that these things work out in a short perspective. But if you want steady relationships, things need to be communicated more seriously. Besides, everyone has a different sense of humor, so you still have many chances of pressing the wrong button.

DO: express sincerity

DON’T: play a good guy by pleasing every girl

“The good guy” has almost become a trope on the Internet. These are men with fake people-pleasing tendencies who switch their intentions once they hear a “no.” Unless you have a goal of becoming a joking matter among her and her friends, stop playing the rescuer if that’s not a part of your personality. Instead, highlight truthful issues and strong sides at the beginning of your communication.

DO: talk via the texting app

DON’T: ask for the Snapchat right away

Guys who keep asking for those snaps have a name on the Internet. They are called the f-boys for a reason. Women hate that; that is why they abstain from any form of f-boy activity. If you want a stable relationship, keep texting and getting to know each other before getting intimate on the web.

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