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Portugal wants to limit gambling ads

Portugal wants to limit gambling ads

Around the world, some countries have already implemented a total or partial ban on gambling advertisements. Portugal is currently working on a similar project.

This one could soon limit this kind of promotion. In fact, no less than 4 different bills are currently being studied in the same direction.

A ban between 7am and 10:30pm

If gambling remains a simple pastime for most players, some nevertheless end up falling into the infernal spiral of addiction. It is precisely to fight even more against the risks of addiction that many Portuguese legislators want to limit the advertising for this kind of leisure activity, reported

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In this, they could imitate other countries. The United Kingdom, for example, has one of the strictest controls on gambling advertising in the world. Other countries such as Italy and the Netherlands are also working on similar projects.

To these, we can now add Portugal. Indeed, the country's Assembly is currently looking closely at 4 different bills, all of which are concerned with limiting gambling advertising. Quite similar, they want to put in place a total ban on this kind of promotion during the day, that is to say between 7am and 10:30pm.

This ban applies to radio and television of course but also to the Internet. Indeed, the role of this media has been boosted again in Portugal, thanks to the international pandemic of coronavirus Covid-19.

A limitation that should not meet much resistance

At the moment, there are no restrictions on gaming advertising in Portugal. The law simply states that operators must be responsible in promoting their offer. This does not seem to be enough for many legislators in this country. That is why they want to introduce a new, clearer and stricter law.

This should reduce the risk of addiction. Indeed, with the international health crisis, the online gaming sector for example has grown a lot in the country and this trend does not seem to have led to an increase in responsible advertising, quite the contrary. Thus, some legislators wanted to react.

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This limitation is not expected to meet much resistance during political debates. Indeed, Portugal has already put in place various strict policies concerning advertising on certain subjects. This is the case for alcoholic beverages, for example, which cannot sponsor a sports team or be promoted on radio or television between 7 am and 10:30 pm.

In addition, a warning about health risks must also be provided for advertisements during the night. This is also provided for in the various laws concerning gaming.

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