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The world's largest collection of casino chips

The world's largest collection of casino chips

If you look hard enough, you will always find something. In the field of collectors, for example, it is possible to find specialties all more exotic than the others. So, it does not only concern stamps, postcards or coins in particular. Far from it! Some people are also very interested in the world of casinos, among other things. This is how some enthusiasts preciously keep old mechanical slot machines for example. Others prefer chips.

casino chips

Among them, there is a resident of the city of Las Vegas who thinks he has in his possession simply the largest collection in the world in this field. In fact, he intends to have it certified by the famous Guinness Book of Records. This process will start with a 4-day exhibition at Spinettis Gaming Supplies. Some of the chips the owner collected in the best live casinos India.

A collection visible from September 27 to 29 at Spinettis Gaming Supplies

The collector honored through today's news is named Gregg Fisher. Coincidentally, he lives in the city of Las Vegas where gambling establishments flourish in the heart of the Nevada desert. Maybe that's why he collects casino chips. It doesn't really matter, because he owns no less than 2,222 of them, each from a different complex.

As a member of the Casino Collectibles Association, he intends to share his superb collection with the public. It will be on display between Monday, September 27 and Wednesday, September 29, 2022 from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm at Spinettis Gaming Supplies.

Those who can't make it to this public exhibition can rest assured. The collection will be on display again at the Casino Collectibles Association's annual show, scheduled for June 16-18, 2021 at the South Point Hotel and Casino along the famous Strip.

The Collection Certification Process

One of the reasons Gregg Fisher is hosting this famous show at Spinettis Gaming Supplies is to allow as many people as possible to see his 2,222 casino chips. Nevertheless, it is also with the aim of trying to have his collection certified as the most important in the world in this field by the famous Guinness Book of Records. Indeed, this is one of the requirements of this process. This allows anyone who wants to challenge this distinction to do so.

casino chips

During the 4-day exhibition from Monday, September 27 to Wednesday, September 29, 2022, a representative of the Guinness Book of World Records will travel to count, photograph and authenticate each chip. Two witnesses from Spinettis Gaming Supplies will also document the collection.

After that, there will be another review process that is expected to take another 12 weeks. If finally approved, Gregg Fisher's collection will set a new record in the category of the largest casino chip collection in the world.

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