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Reporting Survivor Stories: Transforming Media Portrayals Intimate Partner Violence

Tuesday, April 5
11:00-12:00 p.m. CT
Speakers: Marianne Combs, Georgia Fort, Representative Heather Keeler
Moderated by: Lydia Moran

Let’s take the conversation about ending gender-based violence to the press. Mainstream reporting on gender-based violence often lacks nuance, understanding, and context, reinforcing racial and gender stereotypes that harm survivors and their communities. Moderator Lydia Moran, associate editor at Minnesota Women’s Press, will be joined by independent journalists Marianne Combs and Georgia Fort and Minnesota State Representative Heather Keeler. Guests will share how trauma-informed reporting on gender-based violence can encourage social change, empower survivors, and instigate offender accountability. Hear how you can spot and counteract myths and outdated attitudes about gender-based violence in the media.