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Testimonies of Gender Based Violence and the Path to Justice

Thursday, December 2
12:00-12:45 p.m. CST
Speakers: Melissa Scaia, Alessandra Gribaldo, Allison Murray
Moderated by: Nazifa Wazirzada

Violence against women and girls is the most prevalent form of violence globally, yet it is widely underreported to the police because reporting and testifying in court is difficult and traumatizing. Survivors are often subject to judgement about their choices, and questioned about their credibility as victims of a crime. Melissa Scaia, a court expert witness in domestic violence and Director of International Training for Global Rights for Women, Alessandra Gribaldo, author of Unexpected Subjects, and Allison Murray, educator and domestic violence survivor, will share their experiences in courts, and how respect and safety can be prioritized for survivors of gender-based violence.


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