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What Needs to be in Place to Leave and Survive an Abusive Relationship

Thursday, June 24
12:00-12:45 p.m. CST
Speakers:  Lori Flohaug, Cami Inforzato
Moderated by: Cheryl Thomas, Executive Director GRW

One in three women globally will experience some form of gender-based violence in her lifetime.  Given that statistic there’s a high likelihood someone you know is in an abusive relationship. Social pressure to “just leave” is usually not helpful, but often what people think should happen first. Family lawyer and former tribal judge Lori Flohaug, and Cami Inforzato, survivor and women’s group leader from the Duluth Domestic Abuse Intervention Project, share their experiences with helping women navigate the complexities of leaving and surviving abusive situations.  Their powerful insights about the barriers survivors face, and how designing and implementing local solutions–from the courts, families, concerned friends, and other systems providing assistance–can have a global impact.

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