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Cheryl Thomas

Founder and Executive Director
Since 1993, Cheryl has worked with partners around the world to promote women’s human rights and achieve effective reform on violence against women.

Melissa Scaia

Director of International Training
Melissa brings a wealth of experience as the former executive director of Domestic Abuse Intervention Programs (DAIP), also known as “the Duluth Model.”

Lori Flohaug

Director of Law & Policy
Lori has dedicated her twenty-five year legal career to helping others in crisis; focusing on women and children.

Laura Williams

Director of Systems Advocacy
Laura started the first Sexual Violence Justice Institute (SVJI). As a founder of the Sexual Violence Justice Institute, she has written, consulted, and trained extensively on the multi-agency, multi-disciplinary response to sexual assault.

Jon Heath

Pathways to Family Peace Facilitator
Jon is recognized internationally for groundbreaking work conducting men's non-violence batterer intervention programming.

Hunter Cardwell

Pathways to Family Peace Program Coordinator
Hunter recently graduated with her Master's from Lindenwood University in Criminal Justice Administration. She found a passion in helping victims of violence seek justice.

Christy Flikke

Finance Manager
Christy has a Finance Degree and worked with high net worth clients and their businesses at U.S. Bank Private Client Group and before that in Credit Administration at Marquette Bank.

Patricia Cumbie

Communications Manager
Patricia's career has been focused on working with mission-driven organizations seeking to tell their stories through partnership and collaboration.

Sara Mowchan

Director of Development
Sara brings over 10 years of experience in driving organizational growth, including nonprofit consulting and management for organizations in Minnesota, Washington D.C. and abroad.

Nazifa Wazirzada

Program Manager
Nazifa received an International Studies and Communication degree from the University of Minnesota Duluth in 2019. She has developed a passion for finding sustainable and effective ways to alleviate ongoing inequalities on a local and international level.

Sophia Morrissette

Administrative Associate
Sophia is a recent graduate of Chapman University in Southern California. Sophia is passionate about creating sustainable solutions to end global gender-based conflict and tackle international policy reform.
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