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Jon Heath

Pathways to Family Peace Facilitator

Jon Heath has worked full time with men in a Batterers Intervention Program (BIP) since 2006. He is currently the Violence Intervention Director at Family Violence Project, the Domestic Violence Resource Center serving Kennebec and Somerset Counties in Maine. Prior to working in the domestic violence field, Jon spent 14 years in the community mental health field and supervising a Forensic Mental Health Group Home for clients who had committed capital crimes. Jon believes in a coordinated community response to domestic violence, serving as a Governor appointed member of the Maine Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse Commission. Jon also serves on three Domestic Violence Judicial Monitoring teams, on two domestic violence task force teams and co facilitates two weekly men’s group classes for Pathways to Family Peace, a program of Global Rights for Women (GRW). Jon is recognized internationally for groundbreaking work conducting men’s non-violence batterer intervention programming with Melissa Scaia using videoconference technology. In January 2019, Scaia and Heath pioneered a pilot project with Professor Nicole Westmarland and PhD candidate Rosanna Bellini (United Kingdom) to research whether men’s domestic violence offenders should be able to use video conference technology for court-ordered education groups. When COVID-19 hit the US in 2020, Jon is a member of Class H of the Praxis/Manavi 18-month Advocacy Learning Center (ALC) and earned his BS in Mental Health and Human Services from University of Maine.