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Lachlan Anders-MacLeod

Pathways to Family Peace Program Manager

Lachlan Anders-MacLeod is the former Programs Administrative Associate at Global Rights for Women. He is a graduate of University of Wisconsin-Madison having majored in Political Science. Lachlan is passionate about international relations, political advocacy and interpersonal communication and hopes to use this passion to create the infrastructure for a more peaceful century. The last years for Lachlan have involved a combination of international studies – learning in Morocco and Austria while majoring in International Affairs – and domestic politics, working as a field organizer with the Minnesota DFL during the 2020 election and interning with Representative Shelia Stubbs at the Wisconsin State Assembly. With GRW, he hopes to work at the intersection of the two, recognizing the politics of masculinity while engaging at an international level. In his free time, Lachlan can be found loitering at any of the lakes in Minneapolis, reading, or on a happy hour patio.