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Patricia Cumbie

Communications Manager

Patricia Cumbie is our communications manager, and her career has been focused on working with mission-driven organizations seeking to tell their stories through partnership and collaboration. She is an award-winning writer and communicator, with experience in storytelling, publication production, marketing and public speaking. Patricia is also deeply invested in communicating the lived experience of women and girls, especially concerning domestic and sexual violence.

Patricia is the founding editor of two newspapers, Feminist Voices and The Mix, as well as the author of two literary books. Her first book, Where People Like Us Live is about child sexual abuse, and her most recent book is the rape recovery memoir The Shape of a Hundred Hips. She is also the co-author of Everyone Welcome? Personal Narratives of Race and Food Co-ops. More than anything, she loves to bring people together to plot their next move, whether it is to undertake a work assignment, change the world, or host a great meal with friends.