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Vayuna Gupta, Esq.

Legal and Policy Advisor

Vayuna Gupta is the Women’s Human Rights Legal and Policy Advisor at GRW. She is a New York and India qualified attorney and a first generation immigrant, bringing extensive experience from working in diverse jurisdictions and with individuals from various nationalities and cultures.

Having pursued her graduate studies in international law at New York University, Vayuna possesses a wealth of knowledge in international humanitarian law, international human rights law and systemic reforms. Her previous work involved fostering compliance with international humanitarian law among armed groups and de facto authorities. Additionally, she provided legal representation to survivors of Domestic Violence from different parts of the world in child protective proceedings in the state of New York.

One of Vayuna’s distinguishing features is her substantial experience in legislative advocacy and public interest litigations in South Asia. Notably, she was involved in litigation aimed at improving shelter home regulations for women in the state of Gujarat, emphasizing capacity building and facilitating a gradual transition for women leaving these homes. She also played an important role in litigations seeking legal protections against the ostracization of menstruating women in the same state.

Vayuna’s legal prowess was demonstrated early in her career when she secured the 22nd rank in a competitive law exam across India. This accomplishment enabled her to earn her first law degree from the esteemed National Law School of India University, India’s premier law school.