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About the Series

Valiant Voices is a series that features conversations between human rights advocates and survivors, addressing injustice and disrupting oppressive systems that cause harm. These are the stories of powerful leaders creating change in their communities and around the world.

We are also grateful Valiant Voices has been funded in part by the Global Awareness Fund of the Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation.

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Beyond Toxic Masculinity:  Challenging Patriarchal Socialization

Presenters : Ulester Douglas, psychotherapist and consultant, Peter Mukuka, Men of Honor Zambia, Graham Barnes, Pathways to Family Peace

Facilitator:  Chuck Derry, Gender Violence Institute

Patriarchy is a system of male dominance with the abuse of women deeply woven into its practice. Not every man experiences power and privilege the same way, yet legal and social policies reinforce and perpetuate social attitudes that able-bodied cis-gender men are superior, with the expectation that women, gender-expansive people and the most marginalized are to relinquish power over their lives and conform in private and public spaces. Societies and institutions need to address patriarchy as a system that benefits men as a group–going beyond dealing with problem individuals or “toxic” behavior.  Men engaged in dismantling patriarchy and challenging the gender binary will discuss at this event how they’ve interrogated the beliefs they learned as children, and how it has informed their current professional work seeking to end injustice.

 Amitheni Keefe, DAP

“We have a high regard for Global Rights for Women and have been grateful for the work, influence, and platform you provide for both the movement and the community.”

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