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By: D. Pedar, M.B. B.CH., M.B.B.Ch., Ph.D.

Clinical Director, George Washington University Medical School

Anti-aromatic-A cyclic symptoms 6 days post embryo transfer order 16mg betahistine overnight delivery, planar medications prescribed for anxiety discount betahistine online master card, completely conjugated compound with 4np electrons medications kidney patients should avoid generic 16mg betahistine. Not aromatic (nonaromatic)-A compound that lacks one (or more) of the following requirements for aromaticity: being cyclic, planar, and completely conjugated. A compound that is not aromatic is similar in stability to an acyclic compound having the same number of electrons. Aromatic-A cyclic, planar, completely conjugated compound with 4n + 2 p electrons. There are two different ways to join three rings together, forming anthracene and phenanthrene. Naphthalene is a hybrid of three resonance structures whereas benzene is a hybrid of two. Three resonance structures for naphthalene Duet Quartet Sextet Octet (aromatic) (anti-aromatic, (aromatic) (anti-aromatic, diradical) diradical) note y That according to the Huckel rule, the first pair of p-electrons goes to the p-orbital of the lowest energy. After that the bonding orbitals are degenerate and occur in pairs of equal energy. The degeneracy may be removed by a distortion of a molecule and the resulting loss of symmetry. For example Naphthalene: 3 resonance structures may be drawn (without considering Dewar forms). The presence of the Mobius twist and resulting phase discontinuity of the atomic orbitals would cause the reversal of the aromaticity/antiaromaticity rules. N We observe so called "partial bond fixation", which is typical for the reactivity of fused annulenes. In the case of naphthalene, we observe that 1,2-bond reacts more like a double bond: epoxidation, ozonolysis, etc. Note also that the major resonance contributor is the structure with a double bond at the ring fusion, the first structure. Several interesting cases: Acenaphthylene: the additional C=C has very much character of the regular C=C (does not contribute significantly to the delocalization energy). Homoaromatic species (vide supra): Another example that is reasonably stabile is the cyclobutenium cation, which is explained by the formation of the homoaromatic acyclopropenium carbocation loop. Fullerenes (Bucky balls and bowels) - + - + - + Similarly to azulene, there are bicyclic aromates, that may be stabilized by their dipolar forms. Such compounds too have large dipoles Conjugated heterocyclic compounds are in many cases isoelectric with the aromatic other aromatic compounds 1. Mesoionic compounds: their structure cannot be explained/described by Lewis structures that do not involve a charge separation. These recently discovered forms of carbon are related to bowl-shaped aromatic hydrocarbons whose parent is the bowl-shaped hydrocarbon corannulene. If aromatic systems are constructed of a two-dimensional array of fused six-membered rings, a planar aromatic system results that upon its ultimate extension is called graphite. On the other hand, if the aromatic system is constructed five- and six-membered rings where every fivemembered ring is isolated from other five-membered rings by circles of six-membered rings, then a curved aromatic surface results. Upon ultimate extension, this pattern of construction results in carbon nanotubes and fullerenes. The dianion of squaric acid (squarate) and the corresponding five-membered species. The electrons can be moved in one of the following ways y y y Move electrons toward a positive charge or toward a bond. This happens with only o/p isomer, it is not seen in m isomer that is why all activating group are o/p directing group. This happens with only o/p isomer, it is not seen in m isomer, that is why all deactivating group are m-directing group. Strongly activating Ortho-Para Directing Moderately activating Weakly activating 3. Baeyer-villiger rearrangements y Baeyer-Villiger rearrangements is an example of the migration of a group from carbon to electron deficient oxygen.

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Because bacterial plaque is the cause of the most common form of gingivitis treatment laryngomalacia infant discount 16mg betahistine mastercard, factors that influence the oral hygiene status of individuals would likely influence the prevalence of gingivitis symptoms tracker 16mg betahistine fast delivery. The generally poorer oral hygiene status of males may explain the higher prevalence and extent among males medicine world purchase betahistine now. Even though the increased levels of circulating sex hormones have been implicated in the higher prevalence, the influence of plaque control on gingivitis may be more important than the rising levels of hormones. However, this study has not reported any association between calculus and gingival health. Although smoking is one of the most important risk factors for adult periodontitis, its role in gingivitis is unclear. This reduction in gingival bleeding among smokers may be the result of the vasoconstrictive effects of nicotine in cigarette smoke. In clinical practice the smoking status of patients should be considered when gingival bleeding is assessed. Chronic periodontitis progresses slowly and generally becomes clinically significant in adults but may be observed in children. For epidemiologic purposes, a case of chronic periodontitis is a person with the disease. As with gingivitis, methods to measure periodontitis and the amount of disease necessary to consider a person a case vary widely across studies. PeriodontalIndex In the early 1950s, gingivitis indices were gaining in popularity; however, no index was available to measure more advanced stages of periodontal disease. Motivated by the lack of valid indices for measuring the prevalence of periodontal disease in population groups, Russell69 developed the periodontal index (Box 8-3). The supporting tissues for each tooth in the mouth are scored according to a progressive scale that gives little weight to gingival inflammation and relatively great weight to advanced periodontal disease. The population score is the sum of the individual scores divided by the number of persons examined. Periodontal probing was not recommended because, according to Russell, it "added little and proved to be a troublesome focus of examiner disagreement. There is neither overt inflammation in the investing tissues nor loss of function caused by destruction of supporting tissues. There is an overt area of inflammation in the free gingiva, but this area does not circumscribe the tooth. Inflammation completely circumscribes the tooth, but there is no apparent break in the epithelial attachment. The epithelial attachment has been broken, and there is a pocket (not merely a deepened gingival crevice caused by swelling in the free gingiva). There is no interference with normal masticatory function; the tooth is firm in its socket and has not drifted. The tooth may be loose, may have drifted, may sound dull on percussion with a metallic instrument, and may be depressible in its socket. However, one important criticism of the index is that it underestimates the prevalence of disease. Taking the most valuable features of existing indices and adding new features to compensate for their shortcomings, Ramfjord developed his own system for measuring periodontal disease. Next, the examiner assesses the severity of gingival inflammation around the six teeth. Gingival scores for a tooth range from G0 for "absence of inflammation" to G3 for "severe gingivitis. Teeth with sulcus measurements of 3 to 6 mm and greater than 6 mm are given scores of 5 and 6, respectively. If any of the six preselected teeth are missing, another tooth is not substituted in its place. G1 = Mild to moderate inflammatory gingival changes not extending all around the tooth. G3 = Severe gingivitis characterized by marked redness, tendency to bleed, and ulceration. The interproximal recording should be secured at the buccal aspect of the interproximal contact areas with the probe pointing in the direction of the long axis of the tooth. The severity score for an individual is the average loss of attachment per site among the disease sites. The "periodontal destruction" examination involves an assessment of loss of periodontal attachment and furcation involvement.

However symptoms 11dpo order 16 mg betahistine with amex, other studies have found no age-related differences in the gingival epithelium of humans or dogs symptoms 0f parkinsons disease order discount betahistine on-line. Conflicting data regarding surgical regeneration times for gingival epithelium have been ascribed to medicine 0031 order 16mg betahistine fast delivery problems in research methodology. However, other aspects such as cognitive and behavioral factors may be highly influential to oral health and may be affected by ageing. Similarly and importantly, this holds true for the alveolar bone and for bony healing. Thus the extraction of teeth at virtually any age in healthy patients results in healing of the extraction site by means of osseous filling. Likewise, endosseous dental implants can be placed in older patients with the same success rate as in younger patients. These examples reinforce that the oral cavity, as in other areas of the body, responds in physiologic terms and is therefore somewhat predictable based on physiology. Plaque will stimulate inflammation in all patients, and removal of plaque decreases this physiologic response. As with tooth extraction, periodontal surgery results in a wound that heals in a predicable sequence of events. Thus, understanding physiologic responses is the basis for understanding many of the events that occur in the oral cavity. Older patients have an equal ability to resist the progression of the plaque-induced attachment loss as younger patients, and thus, in this respect, they can be managed in the same manner. There may be less bone regeneration capacity with increasing age, although this needs to be confirmed in clinical studies before recommendations can be made for treatment planning. Figure61 Diagram showing the relationship of the gingival margin with the crown and root surface. Normal relationship with the gingival margin 1 to 2 mm above the cementoenamel junction (A). The gingival margin remains in the same position as in A; therefore the root surface is exposed, and clinical recession is evident. The gingival margin has moved with the tooth; therefore the entire dentogingival complex has moved coronally, with a resulting increase in the width of the attached gingiva. The effect of aging on the location of the junctional epithelium has been the subject of much speculation. Some reports show migration of the junctional epithelium from its position in healthy individuals. The consensus is that gingival recession is not an inevitable physiologic process of aging but is explained by cumulative effects of inflammation or trauma on the periodontium6,7 (see later discussion) (Figure 6-2). Figure62 Three scenarios illustrating the variation in the position of the gingival margin with age. A, Overeruption with recession in older individual (68-year-old woman) with generalized recession and history of periodontitis (treated). Note some overeruption of lower anterior teeth and wear of teeth related to oral hygiene measures. C, Overeruption without recession in an older individual (72-year-old woman) with no periodontitis but marked wear of lower incisors and overeruption. D, Extensive recession in young individual (32-year-old man) with marked recession and no history of periodontitis. The recession has resulted from a combination of anatomically thin tissues and toothbrush-related trauma. GingivalConnectiveTissue Increasing age results in coarser and denser gingival connective tissues. These results indicate increased collagen stabilization caused by changes in the macromolecular conformation. Although true variation might exist, this finding probably reflects the functional status of the teeth in the studies, because the width of the space will decrease if the tooth is unopposed (hypofunction) or will increase with excessive occlusal loading. These effects also might explain the variability in studies reporting qualitative changes within the periodontal ligament.

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Source: modified based on meeting minutes for March 28 medicine used to treat chlamydia 16mg betahistine free shipping, 2017 meeting Up to treatment questionnaire buy 16mg betahistine fast delivery 5 unconjugated metabolites were monitored in the animal and human studies medications 4 less discount 16 mg betahistine overnight delivery, and these were found to accumulate at different concentrations relative to the parent drug in each species. Specifically, the most abundant circulating moiety in humans is a tertiary down-stream metabolite, M309, which circulates at a level about 5. In dogs, metabolite M161, a primary demethylation product, circulates at a level about 3. These data show that major metabolic pathways are qualitatively similar in humans, dogs, and rats, but quantitative differences exist, as relative levels of metabolites vary considerably across species. The Applicant claims that these two aniline metabolites cause the observed neurotoxicity in dogs and assert that they are not formed in humans. Figure 37: Formation of Aniline Metabolites Note: No studies were performed to elucidate explicitly the formation process of M337 and M338. It is postulated that the two aniline metabolites, M337 and M338, can be formed by 2-carbon scission from M131 (ketone reduction product of lumateperone) and demethylation metabolite of lumateperone, respectively. Therefore, M337 and M338 could not be directly measured through radioactivity detection in the mass balance studies. Source: meeting minutes for March 28, 2017 meeting Following daily oral administration of lumateperone at 1. Human data reported from the oneyear open-label safety extension study (Study 303) show no quantifiable levels in patients treated with lumateperone 42 mg/day, with approximately 500, 300, and 100 subjects exposed through 1, 6, and 12 months, respectively. Figure 38: Plasma Concentration Time Profile of M337 and M338 on Day 280 Following Daily Oral Administration of Lumateperone (1. Because the 14C label was placed on a carbon that was cleaved off during this process, aniline metabolites could not be directly measured through radioactivity detection in the mass balance studies. Instead, the two-carbon fragments carried the 14C-carbon, and they could be monitored through radioactivity detection. Assuming a 1:1 ratio between production of twocarbon fragments and aniline metabolites, the detection of two-carbon fragments in mass balance studies can be used as an indicator of aniline metabolite formation. The two-carbon fragments have low molecular weight and are highly polar; as a result, they are eluted as an early peak, between 1. In addition, a similar early elution peak with comparable retention time was also observed in the radiochromatograms from human urine and feces samples respectively (data not shown). Therefore, on the basis of these data, one cannot rule out the possibility that aniline metabolites are formed in humans as well. No conclusions can be drawn regarding associations between single metabolites and neurotoxicity on the basis of the available database. The observed multi-organ pigment accumulation and neuronal degeneration in animal studies, might be a collective effect of the lumateperone and/or its metabolites. Unfavorably, because the time gap from lumateperone administration in the evening to blood sample collection the next day, there is a possibility that the early signals immediately following the lumateperone administration might be missed. However, peaks detected at the targeted retention times for the metabolites in the chromatograms were noticeable in some patients, suggesting that the aniline metabolites might be formed in some patients though in limited quantities. The third round of efforts was made to measure the aniline metabolites in freshly-collected plasma samples from patients dosed to steady state in an ongoing clinical trial. Results from a total of number of 11 patients dosed at 42 mg lumateperone were submitted on Nov. Unfortunately, the steady state of these patients has been disrupted by skipping of the evening dose, which is the way they have been taking lumateperone per study protocol instruction. However, we cannot completely rule out the presence of lower levels of aniline metabolites in humans that are not quantifiable with available bioanalytical methods. Summary information of data and demographics included in the analysis is shown in Table 104. This review focused on the 9-month beagle dog study and the 2-year Sprague Dawley rat study with Lumateperone on which we have previously reported (reference 4). Specifically, for this response, we have evaluated targeted brain and spinal cord slides of these two studies which were obtained from the sponsor to answer your specific questions (reference 1). We also integrated in our answers to your questions, information we recently received and evaluated which was presented in the six attachments of reference 2. Specifically, we have evaluated and commented on the draft reports of references 2c and 2d previously (reference 3). In particular we would like you to evaluate slides processed and provided by the Applicant and address the following questions regarding the lysosomal accumulation of pigmented material in the central nervous system of dogs and rats treated with lumateperone for up to 9 months (dogs) or 2 years (rats).

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The correct non-ionic surfactant used as a penetration enhancer in the preparation of mucoadhasives (a) Oleic acid (b) Tween-80 (c) Glycerol (d) Propylene glycol 23 medications derived from plants discount 16mg betahistine fast delivery. One of the ex-officio member of the Pharmacy Council of India is (a) Director General of Health Services (b) Government Analyst (c) Registrar of the State Pharmacy Council (d) Director General of veterinary Research Institute 24 medicine 44334 order betahistine no prescription. A retardant material that forms a hydrophilic matrix in the formulation of matrix tablets is 26 911 treatment center discount generic betahistine canada. A drug which causes pink to brownish skin pigmentation within a weeks of the initiation of the therapy is (a) Itraconazole (b) Clofazimine (c) Lomefloxacin (d) Neomycin 27. The risk of Digitalis toxicity is significantly increased by concomitant administration of (a) Triamterene (b) Lidocaine (c) Captopril (d) Hydrochlorothiazide 28. An agent used in Prinzmetal angina has spasmolytic action which increases coronary blood supply is (a) Nitroglycerine (b) Nifedipine (c) Timolol (d) Isosorbide mononitrate 29. An organism which has been implicated as a possible cause of chronic gastritis and peptic ulcer is (a) Campylobacter Jejuni (b) Escherichia Coli (c) Helicobacter pylori (d) Giardia lambia 30. The final product is (a) Isoprenaline (b) Dobutamine (c) Salbutamol (d) Orciprenaline 35. Thiamine hydrochloride on treatment with alkaline potassium ferricyanide gives (a) Thymochrome with fluorescence (b) Oxythiamine with golden yellow color (c) Neopyrithiamine with orange yellow color (d) Thiochrome with blue fluorescence 37. A new drug delivery system which is composed of phospholipids that spontaneously form a multiamellar, concentric bilayer vesicles with layers of aqueous media separating the lipid layers is (a) Prodrugs (b) Liposomes (c) Osmotic pumps (d) Nanoparticles 38. Unless otherwise stated in the individual monograph of the pharmacopeia, in the disintegration test for enteric coated tablets, first the dissolution is carried out in (a) 0. The proton is then said to be (a) Shielded (b) Shifted (c) Hydrogen (d) Deshielded 43. The analyte is used in the form of a solution flame photometry because it should undergo (a) Evaporation (b) Condensation (c) Nebulization (d) Precipitation 44. Isoniazid is a primary anti-tubercular agent that (a) Requires pyridoxine supplementation (b) Causes ocular complication that are reversible if the drug is discontinued (c) Is ototoxic and nephrotoxic (d) Should never be used due to its hepatotoxicity 46. Decreased risk of Atherosclerosis is associated with increase in (a) Very-low-density lipoproteins (b) Low-density (c) Cholesterol (d) High-density 47. Lycopodium spore method can be used to find out percentage purity of crude drug which contain (a) Multi-layered tissues or cells (b) Well defined particles which can be counted (c) Oil globules (d) Characteristic particles of irregular thickness the length of which can measured 49. The microscopical character flower buds of Eugenia caryophyllus is (a) Collenchymatous parenchyma containing in its outer part numerous ellipsoidal schizolysigenous oil glands (b) Small translucent endosperm containing aleurone grains 1. Starting material for the synthesis of L-Thyroxine is (a) 2-amino-5-chloro-acetophenone (b) Phenylalanine (c) 5-amino-2-chloro-acetophenone (d) L-tyrosine 52. Choose the correct trichomes of Digitalis purpurea (a) Numerous covering trichomes and a few glandular trichomes (b) Few covering trichomes (c) Few glandular trichomes and few covering trichomes (d) Few glandular trichomes 56. One of the following condition is maintained in programmed temperature gas chromatography (a) Temperature of the whole column is raised during analysis (b) Temperature at the Sample injection system is raised (c) Temperature at the detector is gradually raised (d) Temperature at the recorder alone is raised 59. Two or more ions present together can be determined successfully by polarograph even if their half wave potentials overlap or interfere by (a) Titration (b) Complexation (c) Filtration (d) Heating 62. One of the following actions of opioid analgesic is mediated via kappa receptors (a) Cerebral vascular dilation (b) Euphoria (c) Spinal analgesia (d) Physical dependence 65. One of the following drugs has activity against Herpes simplex virus type I and is used topically. Systematic administration of the same results in bone marrow depression, hepatic dysfunction and nephrotoxity. The cultures now reveal a strain of Streptococcus pneumonia that is sensitive to all of the following drugs. Which one would be the best choice for the patient (a) Amoxicillin (b) Erythromycin (c) Cefaclor (d) Cyclacillin 67. The units of measurement for conductance is (a) Ohms (b) Amperes (c) mhos (d) Mili volts 68.

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